Latina Abuse Starring Evey Lavo Evey Lavo Degraded on Latina Abuse

Extreme Face Fucking Porn Video Evey Lavo Latina Abuse

Evey Lavo is nothing more than a stupid street hooker glorified porn whore who wastes everyone's time by saying she can do things she clearly can't. I don't know how she got this gig... oh wait, yes I do... SHE LIED. She couldn't deep throat for shit, she couldn't do anal. There was no way she could do double penetration. Long story short... we don't like this girl. Pauly and Bootleg slapped her around to try and whip her in shape and honestly, they did a good job. She gave nothing back. This was just a paycheck to her. I hope she has to give it all to some lowlife pimp and doesn't get to enjoy one cent of it.

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